Your Weekly Nutrition Roundup
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Welcome to our weekly nutrition newsletter! Every Sunday, we will update you on everything nutrition related at Sleven. Our partners, pH Nutrition have been hard at work creating exclusive content for you and we hope that you can benefit from the information we provide!
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We had a brilliant turnout for our Smoothie Saturday yesterday where we talked smoothie recipes, nutrition, training and even compared life to a WOD! We're hosting it again on Saturday 18th April at 11:00. Come with questions or just have a listen and we bet you'll leave the chat feeling a bit more connected to your fellow Sleveners and hopefully having learned something too.

Our carrot cake smoothie has anti-inflammatory nutrients and some excellent carb sources making this one of our favourite training day smoothies. If you don't have the ingredients for this smoothie, make your own or just settle in with a cup of coffee!

Smoothie Saturday with Tom on 18th April on Zoom

Meeting ID: 150 324 316
Password: 711711
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Quarantine Shopping Tips

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Shopping is becoming a stressful thing under quarantine but here are some top tips to help!
Buy half your veg frozen, half fresh
Mixing this up allows for everyone to get access to different products. Frozen veg and fruit is not less nutritious and is a great way to ensure you are getting those colours in.
Half your meat and fish serving and combine other protein
Everyone is talking about pantry staple recipes but the bloody pantry items are not in the shops! Again being mindful of other shoppers if you halved your meat and fish serving and combined beans, pulses or greek yoghurt this will bump your protein intake up to the normal serving size, and allow us all to have access to more variety.
Shop local
As much as possible try to shop at small veg stalls, newsagents, markets etc. You will be surprised what you can buy in these local places and keeps you out of the large supermarkets. 
Use alternative online suppliers
Lots of suppliers and companies are doing food drops that may help with getting some of your usual foods. This may take a little research but well worth doing. 
Use supplement companies to buy "food"
Bulk powders, MyProtein and Protein Works all sell “food” as well! Check them out and stock up on nut butters, oats, seeds, bars and all sorts.
Protein Powder
It is also a great time to get a good protein powder to stock up on. Great to ensure you are hitting your protein targets by stirring into oats, yoghurt, smoothies or to bake with. We recommend WHEYD and as a Sleven member you get 20% off everything on their website using the code SLEVEN!
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If, like many of us, you went bulk shopping at the beginning of the crisis, you may need some ideas with what to do with some of the stuff you have in your cupboards. Check out the link below for some inspo!
How to Make the Most of What’s in your Cupboards
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Is this Smoothie Healthy?

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During our Saturday Smoothie with Tom, we were asked this question and in short, the answer depends! Why does it depend if it has fruit, oats, some protein and low in fat? All sounds good to me! Well, yes, but what else are you eating for the rest of the day and does it fit with the bigger picture?

We have asked you before to calculate your daily calories and macros using pH Nutrition's Calorie Calculator. Once you know this, you have the tools to know whether something is healthy or not and fits in with your prescribed diet for the day. You will have heard your fellow Sleveners at the gym say that some new protein donut has "good macros", but what does that mean? It means the macros are balanced and won't blow out your eating for the rest of the day. Keeping your meals and snacks balanced is key to keeping on track with your diet.

If you haven't already, check out the guide below on tracking your macros and see how your "healthy smoothie" or your "favourite healthy meal" fits in with the big picture and start to get a grip on your nutrition!

How to Track your Food in 5 Simple Steps
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Sleven30: Feel, Look & Perform Better

Sleven30 is your chance to feel, look and perform better. This is not a super low carb nor a ridiculous juice fast, it’s about putting a nutrition plan in place to see results and build solid habits that go far beyond the 30 days. You’ll be accompanied every step of the way by your fellow Sleven30ers to keep you accountable and have fun!

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The Good Times Keep Rolling

*|MC:SUBJECT|* *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* Freedom Day is finally upon us! After 18 months of lockdowns and social distancing, we’re delighted to inform you that as of Monday

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The Sleven Open

The CrossFit Open is the largest participatory sporting event in the world and we’re pleased to announce that Sleven will be involved! This year’s Open will be the most accessible in history, with flexible options for members to compete at home, with or without equipment. All you’ll need is a clear space in your home, driveway, or nearby park.

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Open Prep & Power (Half) Hour

Tomorrow is the first day of our 6 week Open Prep programme! If you missed our announcement last week, you can catch-up here.

There are still a lot of details to be finalised as to how the Open is going to work this year given the different levels of lockdown worldwide (even Dave Castro’s 15 minute video on YouTube didn’t really enlighten us as to the finer details as yet). One thing we can assure you is that Sleven will be involved as much as our level of lockdown will allow. As more details come to light, we will keep you informed with the exact details.

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MetCon Outdoors

The decision by the Government not to allow gyms and leisure centres to open on 4 July was pretty disappointing. But we’re not going to let that get us down! We’ll be introducing some outdoor MetCon classes for you from Monday 29 June. These classes will be available only to paying members on monthly memberships. Due to limited capacity, we will not be allowing new members to join at this time.

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Supplements 101

In this week’s video, Coaches Jamie & Tom discuss the role of supplements as part of a nutrition and training programme, including the benefits of various supplements and when they should be used.

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