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Gymnastics are an integral part of what we do at Sleven and the more basic movements feature regularly in our 24Sleven programme. Our Sleven X workouts often include more advanced and demanding movements. The programming for our Gymnastics classes focuses on developing both the skill and the strength in the basic movements before working on and refining the more advanced movements.


Our classes are suitable for all levels, with lots of effective drills and progressions, whether you are working towards your first pull-up or aiming to improve your handstand walking. Our gymnastics classes always have two coaches which means you will get the attention you need, no matter your ability level. 


The programming for each class will typically be centred around our ‘movement of the month’. We have found that this intensive focus on a skill produces significant improvements. In a typical class, we will provide you with a range of skills, drills and strength work based around this focus movement to build your proficiency as the month progresses. We test at the beginning and end of each month to track your progression.