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Welcome to SLEVEN Fitness


Welcome to SLEVEN Fitness

It’s been a rollercoaster week to say the least! We announced on Monday that we were to disaffiliate from CrossFit and we remain steadfast in this decision.

Last night, CrossFit HQ announced that Greg Glassman Retired and that Dave Castro is to assume the role of CEO of the company. CrossFit HQ also published a long letter explaining why they didn’t just say something. Nick, Tim & Loz have been involved in CrossFit for a minimum of 9 years each and not only was it our passion, but also a livelihood, so it’s sad to sever our links in this way.

We are not ones to dwell on the past and the future for us is not CrossFit, it’s SLEVEN!

What this Means for You

We will continue to provide Sleven’s unique atmosphere and blend of training, community and fun! And, above all, reflecting that we see good fitness as a way of life, available to all.

Sleven is a lifestyle and encompasses your fitness, social life, nutrition and mental health. As such, we will be replacing our CrossFit classes with a new class: TWENTY FOUR SLEVEN. COVID is likely to throw a spanner in the works with regards to class sizes; however, the programming of the classes will be the same as you’ve had in the past. Our specialty classes and, of course, Friday Night Lights, will be programmed as before.

We will also be adding a brand new SUCCESSORIES focused class to the schedule which we will announce in due course and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

Our decision means a number of changes and has given us plenty to work on! Some of these changes will be visible, others less apparent. The most obvious change will be the removal of the CrossFit name from the signs and decals above the door and on the walls of the gym. We’ve involved the brand consultant who did such a fantastic job for us with our original branding to ensure that we get everything right going forward.

The other visible changes will be to our website and social media accounts which will be refreshed with our new name and references to CrossFit removed and our web guys are working on making these changes. There are plenty of other changes to be made in the background. We’ll be working hard to get all of this done as quickly as we can so please bear with us as we extricate our brand from this tangled web!

Community Outreach

Our mission is to bring Fitness to the People, to all of the people. Recent events have led us to reflect on how we can do more when it comes to addressing the inequalities that exist amongst minority groups within our community. As a community-based business, we feel that using our resources to give back to the community around our gym is a great place to start. We have reached out to other businesses in the Vauxhall area this week to investigate how we can collaborate with them to implement programs that target different groups of people in the area immediately around our gym.

We have also reached out to a charity that helps disadvantaged youth through sport, by providing sporting programs in schools and coaching mentorship programs for teenagers in Lambeth. We’re excited to be making a start on both of these initiatives and we’ll be keeping you updated on progress.

Zoom Schedule

Our regularly scheduled Zoom classes have been a resounding success! It’s great to see so many of you get involved and we’d love to see more of you.

To access the class, we have changed the classes on Wodify to reflect the above schedule and you will be able to book in as you would normally. If your membership is on hold, you will need to sign-up for TWENTY FOUR SLEVEN so that you can access and book in for the sessions. This is free whether you’re new to Sleven or a stalwart!

All TWENTY FOUR SLEVEN Zoom classes will be run off the same login information:

Meeting ID: 880 7889 6539
Password: 711711





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