Newsletter 11 December 2019

SLEVEN XMAS Extravaganza

Remember, the venue has changed for the Christmas meal! We will now be luncheoning at the Blues Kitchen Shoreditch before getting Uber’d at no extra cost to you, to our original venue, The Old Queen’s Head.

Check out the updated schedule below!

Newsletter 4 December 2019

SLEVEN Testing Week

SPECIALISTS BEWARE: Sleven testing week is back! In June, you were put to the task with five devilishly difficult WODs during our summer Testing Week. As a training methodology, CrossFit develops your general physical preparedness. As such, each WOD has been devised to expose your weaknesses. We are going to test pretty much everything: both Olympic Lifts, squat and deadlift, some Open-style CrossFit, gymnastics, and plenty of metabolic conditioning.

Newsletter 27 November 2019

SLEVEN XMAS Extravaganza

There are now over 60 people attending the SLEVEN XMAS EXTRAVAGANZA! We have booked out the Old Queen’s Head in Islington and have prepared a day chock full of activities. If you’ve been on the fence about coming, EVERYONE is going to be there so make sure you don’t get FOMO and book!

Newsletter 20 November 2019

Last weekend, we had four of our own compete at Battle for Middle Ground, one of the biggest fitness competitions in the UK. The standard was unbelievably high, in the Elite division, our team went toe-to-toe with athletes like Mitch Adams, who has competed at regionals five times!

Newsletter 13 November 2019

The Sleven Open Results

After much conjecture, 20.5 ended up being a leg scorcher with advanced gymnastics! We rounded off the Open with another fantastic Friday night at Sleven. 20.5, with wall-balls and rowing, was another quad-ravaging workout, and the ring muscle-ups and pull-ups served to blow-up the shoulders! The WOD required an excellent level of gymnastic endurance to be able to perform the high volume of muscle-ups while blowing hard from the conditioning elements of the WOD. We’re proud that two of our athletes completed the workout and eight more performed at least 30 muscle-ups!