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Your Weekly Nutrition Roundup


Welcome to our weekly nutrition newsletter! Every Sunday, we will update you on everything nutrition related at Sleven. Our partners, pH Nutrition have been hard at work creating exclusive content for you and we hope that you can benefit from the information we provide!

Smoothie Saturday is quickly becoming part of many Sleveners’ weekly routine! Not only do you get to try out a new recipe but chat with nutritionist Tom on the hot topics of the week. Come with questions or just have a listen and we bet you’ll leave the chat feeling a bit more connected to your fellow Sleveners and hopefully having learned something too.

This week’s recipe is Apple Pecan! Pecan nuts are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals such as manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and selenium. Coupled with the fibre rich apples and protein this is a great mid afternoon smoothie.

Smoothie Saturday with Tom at 11am on 25th April on Zoom

Meeting ID: 150 324 316
Password: 711711

Increase NEAT

What is NEAT? It stands for non exercise activity thermogenesis. Basically all the calories you burn not including exercise. Stuff like walking and fidgeting.

Tom’s Top Tip – if you are taking work calls and don’t have to make notes, do it whilst walking around the house or up and down the stairs, or just air squat! Seriously, making sure you are moving every 20-30 minutes is essential.

What is NEAT?

Q&A with Liam

In case you missed it on Thursday, we’ve got a fantastic Q&A with Liam where he covers some hot topics!

  • Macros
  • Are you burning more in your home workouts?
  • Abstainer or Moderator
  • Snacking – be proactive!





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