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Sleven has partnered with The Running Room to provide physio, soft-tissue therapy, movement assessments, and/or running assessments to Sleven members.

As a Sleven member, you will benefit from a 50% discount off your first two sessions. It’s important for us that this isn’t just a refer and forget about you service. We will be working closely with Adrian and the team at the Running Room to provide the best service for the Sleven community.

If you have injured yourself, whether inside or outside of the gym, Adrian will forward a report to the coaching team (with your consent!) which details the injury and the necessary modifications and restrictions in movements for training.

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The Running Room practice was founded in Australia and provides active individuals of all abilities with the best available technology and treatment to ensure you return from injury whilst improving performance. The practice is all encompassing and applies the perfect blend of evidence based practice, clinical experience & an innovative approach with the world’s best technologies to accurately assess your mechanics to get to the source of your injury or barriers to increased performance.

Whether you are suffering from a gym, sporting or running related injury, you can expect the most elite level of physiotherapy at The Running Room London to get you back to your best. This means that an injured athlete undertakes a journey from PAIN to PERFORMANCE with an approach that is individualised to the athlete.  Adrian and his team understand the WHY behind running and staying active and the important role it plays on the physical, mental and spiritual health of an individual.

As a Sleven member, your first two sessions at the clinic are 50% off. This can be used for initial and follow-up physiotherapy consultations and 60-minute massages.


TRR London is a synergistic collaboration between two well established and trusted physiotherapy and podiatry brands.  The Running Room Australia and R&D Physio.  Adrian, Physiotherapist and co-director of TRR London was the catalyst in making this happen as he is an Australian physiotherapist who relocated to London and started to work with R&D Physio.

Adrian has always been passionate about continuing to improve culture, clinical practice and the overall clinical experience for the patient and the coming together of two brands that are similar in core values to ultimately build happier healthier humans inside the clinic as well as having a positive impact on the wider community.
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The Running Room London is only a 15 minute walk from Sleven!

47 Nine Elms Lane, Nine Elms, London SW11 7DH, United Kingdom
Within Static London.

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Sleven has partnered with The Running Room to provide physio, soft-tissue therapy, movement assessments, and/or running assessments to Sleven members. As a Sleven member, you will

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