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We’re delighted to announce that Sleven is expanding!

Since opening our doors in November 2018, it has been our mission to make fitness social. We are rapidly outgrowing our humble arch on Tinworth Street and we’ll shortly be upgrading to a brand new, state of the art, two arch facility on 78-79 Albert Embankment, just a 2 minute walk from our current location.

The fit-out will take around four months to complete and operations will continue as normal in our current premises until we make a seamless transition. Trust us, the wait will be worth it!

Double arch logos 1


Our two core programmes, 24Sleven and Sleven X will find a home in each arch. Add our carefully curated specialist classes to the mix and you’ll have an unmatched choice of training that will turbocharge results. Classes in each arch will run at opposing half hours, giving you the potential choice between three different programmes in a one hour window.

Make progressive gains with 24Sleven at the same weekday time slot, add some extra conditioning with a peak time MetCon or prepare for your next competition with a huge choice of Sleven X classes. The options will be limitless!


Loz foam rolling
The new facility will include an exclusive PT and self-training area which will allow members to supplement our classes – even at peak times! 

Whether you’re looking for PT or would like to train before or after classes, there will be a fully equipped space to allow you to level up your fitness.
New Equipment 1

Train in style with the newest BLK BOX kit in our architect designed space.

The new toys will not only be shiny but we’ll have a lot more on offer, adding even more variety to your workouts.

Sleven 2.0 First Look

Every detail of Sleven 2.0 has been meticulously planned. With years of experience running a successful gym in our current premises, we’ve combined all our practical know-how with expertise from architect Tom Harrison of Habitation, to create a beautiful yet hyper functional space.

The design is unsurpassed for a CrossFit gym in London – expect incredible hand crafted furniture, top quality finishes and materials, posh changing facilities with towel service, lighting that will make you think you’re in TRON and seamless flooring throughout.

one arch to two
Double arch renders green

Member experience has been at the heart of all our decisions. We’ll be more than doubling our current space and count on the fun to double in tandem!

Class capacities, kit requirements and athlete positioning have all been taken into consideration in our design process. If you’ve felt spoilt with the class experience at Sleven 1.0 then this will get turned up to eleven at Sleven 2.0! Whether it’s a sweaty MetCon or a kit demanding WOD in Sleven X, you will never need to compromise on equipment access.

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Awesome Facilities
The location, will be a huge improvement on our current humble arch on Tinworth Street. We’ll boast a prestigious Albert Embankment address with fantastic visibility from the street and for many of you, a much quicker commute from Vauxhall Station. One of the coolest features of Sleven 2.0 will be a second entrance in the back, which will also be our parkside training area, overlooking the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens. We’re going to create quite a scene on those hot summer Friday Nights Lights!
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