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Being strong is foundational to both improving fitness and to living a long and active life. A large part of what we do in our 24Sleven and Sleven X classes involves barbell work, and the work that we do in our Strength classes is designed to help you improve the strength and technique required.  


Our weekday Strength classes are 90 minutes in duration and each consist of two elements.  First, Olympic lifting, with a heavy emphasis on technique; second, strength work (squats, deadlift, presses etc). Our Strength classes always have two coaches which means you will get the attention you need, no matter your ability level. The programming for these classes is periodised over an 8 week cycle which ends with testing.  


Our weekend 24Strength and Strength X classes are 60 minutes in duration and this is where we focus on barbell cycling or a SWOD. These classes provide a great opportunity for the less experienced members to focus on technique and on building a solid strength base while our more experienced athletes have a chance to practice rapid cycling of a barbell and weightlifting when under fatigue.