Head Coach Loren started CrossFit in 2011, before it was cool! Fast forward 9 years, she has added numerous certifications and thousands of coaching hours. Loz competes at an elite level, adding to nearly a decade of experience teaching and coaching which means she has you covered from every angle, whether you’re a novice or experienced athlete.


STRENGTH Coach Julia's speciality is Olympic weightlifting, where she's BWL 2 qualified and a keen competitor. She has coached part time for the last 3 years alongside a full time job as a software developer, making the jump to a full time career in fitness in 2020. Julia's wealth of expertise and infectious enthusiasm brings an extra dimension to Sleven.


Emma has an amazing sporting CV, most notably national karate champion and black belt instructor at the age of 18. Emma studied biochemistry and dabbled in sports science and nutrition before embarking on a career in consulting. Going back to her passions, Emma is a level 4 PT and holds a CrossFit L-1.


Elle has been coaching since the age of 15. As well as competing in athletics, basketball, netball and any other sport she could find to do, she would be coaching sports & fitness to all age groups. She eventually left her job building start-up companies to do full-time fitness in 2016. Elle has worked as a small group & personal coach for the last few years, and competes regularly in CrossFit & Olympic Weightlifting.⁣

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My vision for Sleven was to create a home away from home for our members. Through a shared goal, fitness, we have brought people together from all over the world of different age groups and backgrounds, creating a diverse and supportive community that will instantly become your family.


I believe that fitness is for everyone, regardless of age or fitness background and that to be sustainable, it must be fun and enjoyable. We pride ourselves on providing an environment in which all can feel comfortable in pursuing their fitness goal, whether that goal is to be a bit fitter or to be a competitive athlete.
Sleven Coaches ED

At Sleven, we aim to help each of our members to develop their strength and fitness to meet their own personal objectives within a supportive and friendly environment. We are committed to providing our members with the best possible coaching and to help achieve this, we have developed Coaches Ed., a rigorous continuing education programme.

We are passionate about encouraging and enabling our members to progress to become coaches if that is their ambition and our Coaches Ed. programme is an ideal place to develop the tools to become a leader in our community.

Coaches Ed. covers both practical and theoretical aspects of fitness, health and nutrition, all run in-house. All coaches and owners participate in Coaches Ed, allowing newer coaches to develop their coaching skills and the more experienced with to continually improve and hone theirs. We bring in experts from fields such as Olympic Lifting, gymnastics and nutrition to ensure our team can provide the best coaching in the UK.

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