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Your Weekly Dose of SLEVEN: Nutrition Challenge Edition! ????


Newsletter 4 March 2020

“It has been a rewarding 30 days seeing everyone make fantastic progress with their nutrition. Hearing the feedback of people not only looking better, but feeling better as well as crushing their training is amazing. The way we set the challenge up was to provide people with something that can be continued beyond the 30 days, not just to get a decent before and after picture. We are so excited about being part of the Sleven CrossFit team and look forward to helping everyone with all things nutrition.”

– Liam & Tom –

Top Transformation

Without further ado, the winner of the Sleven pH Nutrition Challenge is Jamie Brunsdon! We had several contenders but Jamie’s hard work and dedication in the kitchen and in the gym set her apart from the others and her results are clear for all to see.

CrossFit is an incredibly demanding sport and Jamie has been able not only to up her performance in the gym but improve her body composition at the same time. This is no small feat as most other nutrition challenges starve their contestants and have them overtrain to the point of exhaustion. Jamie has found a sustainable way of eating that not only fuels her WODs but will turn heads at the beach in the summer!

Jamie has several competitions coming up, including the London Throwdown this weekend and the challenge has left her in fantastic shape and ready to compete. Jamie is going to continue her journey, working with pH Nutrition, refining and perfecting the process as she becomes increasingly addicted to the gains!
Jamie’s prize is a brand new pair of Nike MetCon 5s By You!

“The challenge has killed all of my sugar cravings! I’ve not had night time cravings and it hasn’t been as difficult as I expected to resist the constant mass of chocolates, biscuits and cakes at the office. I also found it to be easy to fit lots of “normal” things into my macros. With previous nutrition challenges, I was on such restricted calories that simple things like chicken or a protein shake would blow out my allowance for the day!”

– Jamie –

Spirit of the Challenge

This award is more holistic in its criteria. It was important for us to select someone who adhered to the challenge, made sustainable changes to their habits and provide a platform for future gains. Not only this, the spirit of the challenge award needed to go to someone who was active in encouraging other members, who shared recipes and ideas and generally provided top banter.

We’re delighted to announce Nick Lyell is our winner! Better Nick has been integral to the challenge Whatsapp group chat, keeping morale high with both his successes and failures, pictures of his jerk marinated tofu and ice cold lagers on the beach! Nick found the support he received from pH and Sleven’s coaching team helped him stay accountable trying to make the right choices when food shopping and less “bad” choices when he was out and about!
Nick’s prize is one of Sleven’s new and exclusive snapback baseball caps!

“I found my nutrition was more structured and I was motivated to keep it up. Coming from a pretty poor and low knowledge of food and diet, I found the whole process really good and I will stick with it!”

– Better Nick –

All of our participants deserve a shoutout. We saw people share some fantastic recipes, tips, tricks and even photos of some dubious powders that were transported internationally! 

What’s Next?

Our nutrition challenge was designed to introduce Tom, Liam and pH Nutrition’s methods and give you a taste of what’s to come. Sleven, in partnership with pH Nutrtion will be providing nutritional services continually throughout the year! If you weren’t fully on board with a challenge but would like to dial in your diet, now’s your opportunity to get involved.

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Six Week Personalised Coaching with Tom

Our six week programs will provide you with the following:

Personal Nutrition Coach – Tom is not just someone you check in with and get generic praise from. He will help you navigate obstacles that would have previously caused you to give up in frustration and constantly empower you with the kind of knowledge that puts you in the driver’s seat of your diet. Tom is at the box a few days a week to help keep you accountable and answer any questions or concerns you have face-to-face.

Accountability – This is one of the key areas in making progress with your nutrition. We use a mixture of our app, email and your check-ins with Tom at Sleven a few days a week to ensure you stay on track.

Personalised calories and macros – We provide the framework and you personalise the details to make your diet fit perfectly into your lifestyle. You can customise everything from your calories to your meal timings. We have recently added automatic recipe calculations as well so no more trying to figure out how much you should be eating to hit your targets

Simplified nutrition guide –  Our easy to follow nutrition guide will ensure you start your program on the right foot and answer any initial questions you have to ensure you experience zero uncertainty at the start of your journey.

3 Recipe & Meal Plan Packs – For the times you struggle with inspiration or feel like the pressure of decision making is too much you can refer to these packs that come complete with MyFitnessPal barcodes (no more entering a million ingredients in!)

pH Nutrition App Access – It’s nice to have some data to track your progress alongside how you are feeling and performing. Our app provides you with a one-stop-shop of progress checking so you can make sure you are on the road to progress.

Our step by step six week program is designed for those who perform any kind of functional fitness. It is delivered through our app and we drip feed the program so you are not overwhelmed at any point!

That’s a real issue with a lot of online plans, they are just one big information dump and you end up reading about things that you are nowhere near ready to take on board.

Making manageable, small changes will allow you to build momentum and not get crushed by a tsunami of stress, overwhelm, and confusion. We have a structured plan to follow for the six weeks and clear advice on how to progress beyond this!

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SLEVEN Snapbacks!

After running a Facebook poll for a week, the people have spoken! We’re excited to introduce our brand new, limited edition Sleven Snapback. The SLEVEN logo will be embroidered in white on a one size fits all black snapback cap.

With spring and summer fast approaching, don’t miss the opportunity to represent your box around London and the World!

Caps cost £25 and all you have to do is email us by clicking the button below.

Deadline is this Friday, 6 March!

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Four of our own, Coaches Loz & Jamie, Chris and Sam are making their way East for the London Throwdown this Saturday, 7 March! This is an established and competitive team throwdown and our team goes into the event seeded in second place, meaning we have a genuinely high chance of a podium (no pressure guys!).

If you’d like to make your way down to support, the competition starts at 9am at CrossFit 1971 in Stratford. There will be a bunch of the coaching team going down to support after classes at 13:00. If you’d like to train in the morning and then make your way with us to support for the latter stages of the competion, please meet us at the gym.


Judges Needed!

The Summer Social is London’s leading sports and fitness festival comprising a range of activities including a CrossFit-style throwdown, DJs, street food booths, bars and plenty of taps aff! Sleven is planning on making this a huge day out for the box and intend on taking over 30 people, a gazebo, Willow and plenty of beers and snacks. The event is only a short distance from the gym at the Richmond Athletic Association on Saturday 30th May.

After speaking to the organisers, the only way we are going to be able to get to the numbers we’d like, we need FIVE ADDITIONAL JUDGES. The throwdown is a fun, inclusive competitition and you don’t need any previous judging experience to get involved. With over 40 teams on the waitlist, this would ensure our entry and a fantastic day out for participants, judges and spectators alike!

So who wants to take part, drink some beers in the sun, eat some burgers and judge some of your fellow SLEVENERS kick ass!?

Email us via the button below.

Put me Down to Judge in the Sun!

Support Poppy’s Half Marathon

Our MetCon Queen, Poppy Harrison is running her first half-marathon in Bath on 15 March in support of Dorothy House Foundation! This amazing charity provides palliative and end of life care to those living with life-limiting illness. The Dorothy House Foundation is close to Poppy’s heart having impacted so many people’s lives in Bath and she knows two very special people who work for the Charity.

Poppy is now over half way to her target of £300 and would appreciate any donation, big or small!

Donate to the Dorothy House Foundation

In November, over 20 Sleveners made their way to Peckham to compete at the inaugral Yard Games and had a brilliant time. If you missed out, you’re in luck! The Yard is hosting its second one day, same-sex pairs competion. Coach Loz has already recruited over 6 teams and we’re hoping for more sign-ups in what is looking like another great day out for Sleven.

The competition is super local which means NO TRAVELLING and it is likely to be a relatively small comp, so if you haven’t competed before, this would be a great opportunity to get a taste of what it’s like on the competition floor.

Given that it’s so close, we’ll no doubt have a good number of Sleven supporters there to cheer you on. So, grab a partner and register using the link below!

If you’re interested but don’t have a partner, don’t worry! Email Coach Loz or grab one of us and let us know you’re interested and we’ll do our best to find you an ace partner.

Book Yard Games

SLEVEN Calendar

7 March: The London Throwdown
12 March: New pH Nutrition Personalised Coaching Intake
21 March: Yard Games Peckham
30 May: Summer Social at the Richmond Athletic Association





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