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Your Weekly Dose of SLEVEN


There is plenty going on at Sleven, on top of our daily TWENTY FOUR SLEVEN programming we are hitting you daily with QUARANTEAM, Q&As, Smoothie Saturdays, Zoom classes, quiz nights and recipes!

With the period of self-isolation beginning to drag, it’s important to keep active both mentally and physically but it’s also important to keep some perspective and not beat yourself up too much if you’re lacking motivation and feeling down. Remember, what you’re seeing on Instagram is not reality so comparing yourself to others is only going to be detrimental!

It goes without saying that Sleven is here if you need us, just send us a quick email or message!

That’s a wrap! We’re so pleased with not only the turnout but the continued participation in the Home Alone Open. The final scores are in and we’d like to take this opportunity to shower praise on two of our athletes!

First off, Sleven’s top place finisher came in 3rd place overall in a field of over 300! Rufus Kleinwort showed that consistency is key in competitions with so many athletes and his lowest placing was 15th, no small feat. His top place finish was 5th, in the first WOD “Black Jacks” which contained a dizzying 231 burpees. Rufus proudly passed all video checks of his WODs keeping true to the standards throughout.

Our top placed female, Holly Ni Raghallaigh just missed the podium by 1 position with a 4th place finish. The best way to describe Holly’s performance overall is her comfort in that “dark place”, that sort of CrossFitter’s Nirvana, that mental place we all know where every muscle is screaming for you to stop but Holly has shown time and again an ability to turn this off and push through. Holly hates praise but her hard work over the course of the year and her dedication to strict gymnastics and conditioning is paying off!

With the Home Alone Open proving to be a massive success, we are looking at several initiatives over the coming weeks so make sure you keep abreast of all things Sleven for news about future competitions!


Today marks the beginning of Week 3 of QUARANTEAM! Our second weekly task has come to an end and hopefully, the introduction of GOWOD to your daily routine is seeing great benefits. With regular testing, the app allows you to check your progress and see concrete results which is a CrossFit nerd’s dream. We have been in touch with many of you over the week and hearing some great results and feedback.

Our new weekly task is to learn something new. We have provided myriad suggestions across a whole range of subjects and topics which could interest you. Whether you are looking to develop yourself in your profession, take on a new hobby or delve into a topic you’ve always found interesting, now is your chance! For example, Coach Nick is undertaking a course in Photoshop, Coach Loz is learning how to braid her hair and Coach Tim is finally learning to touch type. What are you going to learn? Make sure you mention us on Instagram so we and your fellow members can see what you’re up to!

We have a new QUARANTEAM leader: Fokion Sanoudos! Despite only being a member for a few weeks and currently self-isolating in Greece, Fokion has been involved in every aspect of QURANTEAM and even won a couple of rounds of bingo on Friday night! We reached out to Fokion and he’s loving QUARANTEAM “Honestly, being part of the Sleven community, even from far away, and having the chance to have an almost normal human interaction ???? it’s really relaxing.”

Niall Sheehy and Andy Ward deserve mentions for their stellar performances so far coming in second and third respectively. Look at their efforts for overnight oats below!

Friday Quiz Night!

We’re upping the level of our Quiz night with a bit of technology! We will be running the Quiz via Zoom as before but this time with the help of some trivia software. There’s nothing exrtra you have to do, simply login via Zoom and have a pen and paper handy. We have several categories to test your knowledge, ranging from sport to Disney movies!

There are QUARANTEAM points up for grabs so don’t miss this opportunity to move up the leaderboard.

Friday 17 April at 19:00

You can participate in Quiz NIght FREE on Zoom

Meeting ID: 961 4632 7287
Password: 711711

We had a brilliant turnout for our Smoothie Saturday where we talked smoothie recipes, nutrition, training and even compared life to a WOD! We’re hosting it again on Saturday 18th April at 11:00. Come with questions or just have a listen and we bet you’ll leave the chat feeling a bit more connected to your fellow Sleveners and hopefully having learned something too.

Our carrot cake smoothie has anti-inflammatory nutrients and some excellent carb sources making this one of our favourite training day smoothies. If you don’t have the ingredients for this smoothie, make your own or just settle in with a cup of coffee!

Saturday 18 April at 11:00

You can participate for FREE on Zoom

Meeting ID: 150 324 316
Password: 711711

This Sunday marks the final day of The Support Your Local Box Fundraiser! It’s a CrossFit event for the benefit of CrossFit affiliates affected by COVID-19 around the globe. We had a fantastic turnout last Sunday and we’ll be running another Zoom class this Sunday at 11:00.

Registration and score submission runs for the 3 week duration of the competition so don’t worry if you’re late to the game! Also, you don’t need to sign-up to take part in the Zoom class, everyone is welcome!

Register NOW!

Sunday 19 April at 11:00

You can participate in the Support Your Local Box WOD 1 FREE on Zoom

Meeting ID: 633 311 690
Password: 711711

The deadline to submit your scores for all three workouts is Friday 24 April.





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