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Your Weekly Nutrition Roundup


Nutrition Priorities

Coaches Loz & Tom discuss sorting your priorities when it comes to nutrition and making sure you put an emphasis on the important things, so you aren’t wasting our precious time and energy on things that aren’t going to give you results!

In this video, they discuss the hierarchy of importance when it comes to nutrition. As coaches they see a lot of people focusing on the smaller things, when primarily focusing on energy balance and getting that right will give you the most ‘bang for your buck’ in regards to nutrition and training.

They then move onto food quality and how to ensure you are able to get quality nutrition no matter your budget.

Thirdly, they discuss how your protein/carb/fat ratios are often unique to each individual and how this can require some trial and error to find the balance that works best for you and your lifestyle.

Finally, they discuss the benefits and sometimes tricky things women have to deal with when it comes to training and nutrition around our hormones and also the difference in the training and nutrition needs of males and females. So grab a coffee, sit down for a listen and hopefully you’ll take away something useful!

Nutrition Priorities

Recipe of the Week

This weeks recipe is quickie! Beans have the reputation of being good for your heart and make you fart! This children’s rhyme is not wrong and it’s due to beans being a great source of fiber. Fiber helps keep you regular and seems to protect against heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and digestive illness.

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Anxiety Around Training

Liam has jumped onto the podcast bandwagon, teaming up with Tom Lowe (PT and Instagram legend) and Adam French (owner of WHEY’D) to do the ‘World Class Basics’ Podcast.

This week the lads get deep and talk about how the current situation may be giving you anxiety due to not being able to train. We give you some advice about how we’re dealing with it & it gets emotional.

In other news, find out what Tom is doing to make his head so smooth!

Listen to the Podcast

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