Going from Strength to STRENGTH 💪
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We are keenly aware of the level of demand for the mid-week 6.30pm and 7.30pm classes generally and, especially, for the Tuesday and Thursday Strength classes. We appreciate the frustration that this has caused and we are pleased to announce steps that we hope will alleviate the issue.
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The following changes will take effect from next week:
  • The capacity of the Tuesday and Thursday STRENGTH classes will be increased from 14 to 20. These classes will focus on Olympic lifting and strength work and you will see very little, if any, change in the programming to accommodate this. You all for the most part, work in pairs anyway!
  • The length of the existing 11am class on Saturday will be reduced from 90 minutes to 60 minutes and an additional class will be added to the schedule at midday, adding 14 places. The programming in these classes will focus on barbell cycling and SWODs to a greater extent than the midweek classes. Get ready to throw around some heavy shit!
We have introduced lunchtime Elements classes and looking to add morning Elements to the schedule with a view to bringing in new members who are more likely to train at those times and avoid adding further demand for the already scarce places for midweek evening classes.
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Booking Policies

We would like to remind all members of our booking policies: 

Booking: Class reservations open at the start time of the class in two week's time (336 hours to be exact) and for the most popular classes members will be filling up these classes within 15 minutes of the window opening.

Waitlist: The waitlist works on a first come first served basis so set push notifications on your email app and be quick!

Late Cancellation Policy: If you cancel a session within 8 hours of the start time of the class, you will be charged £2.50 and if you are on a limited session membership, you will lose that pass.

No-Show Policy: A no-show will incur a £5 charge and if you are on a limited session membership, you will lose that pass.
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