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The Sleven Open Results


Don’t forget that the deadline to purchase your tickets for the SLEVEN XMAS Extravaganza is 30 November! More details further below.

The Sleven Open Results

After much conjecture, 20.5 ended up being a leg scorcher with advanced gymnastics! We rounded off the Open with another fantastic Friday night at Sleven. 20.5, with wall-balls and rowing, was another quad-ravaging workout, and the ring muscle-ups and pull-ups served to blow-up the shoulders! The WOD required an excellent level of gymnastic endurance to be able to perform the high volume of muscle-ups while blowing hard from the conditioning elements of the WOD. We’re proud that two of our athletes completed the workout and eight more performed at least 30 muscle-ups!

With no further ado, we’re displeased to announce that the overall winner of the 2020 Sleven Open is Coach Loz’s Reapers! Despite coming third in 20.5, the pesky Reapers clung on with a measly 31 point margin and a late score submission to snatch victory from the Assassins! The Devils cemented their position in third and the Pirates came last, deep in Davy Jones’ Locker.

20.5’s Rx workout demanded the ability to perform multiple ring muscle-ups under increasing fatigue. It was amazing to see Rufus and Chris perform 40 muscle-ups and complete the WOD. We are very proud to have seen a total of 27 athletes doing muscle-ups, including Dario, who managed his first ever muscle-up and ended with 16! Both Lee and Tom also performed muscle-ups in a WOD for the very first time. We saw some brilliant performances from Pietro and Abdoul, with 36 and 35 muscle-ups respectively. 

Once again, we saw a great competition on the Scaled workout. Ollie finished in an incredible 12:31, over a minute ahead of the second place finisher, Leo. We also saw some fantastic pull-up performances, particularly from Ginger George who finished the wall balls and rowing in a blistering 10:19 before making her first pull-up and going on to get a total of 11! Lastly, we saw a big performance from Susie ‘I don’t have pull-ups’ Q, who ended with a total of 26.

Sleven Open Winner

Sleven’s top dog, Chris, is proof that consistency is key! Chris finished 2nd or 3rd in every WOD with some phenomenal performances in both 20.1 and 20.3. He finished 20.1, a heart exploding combo of ground-to-overhead and burpees in 11:14, after 3 attempts and a lot of determination!

Chris is known for lifting gargantuan weight but we were impressed to see him finish a 25 ft handstand walk with his midline in tatters and shoulders on fire. The pinnacle of the Sleven Open was an incredibly hard fought battle between Chris and Coach Loz. Despite not finishing first in any event, Chris crucially didn’t have a bad WOD and this was the difference in the end!

Top Female

We have fawned over Coach Loz in the newsletter weekly and with good reason, she’s been incredible! Loz topped the leaderboard three weeks in a row and her best performance came in 20.4, which was a masterclass in weightlifting. Loz was only 5 reps short of finishing and came a whopping 26 reps ahead of fellow reaper, Jamie.

We’re gutted Loz couldn’t secure the whole Sleven Open and we know this is just going to fire her up for the Open in 2021!

Spirit of the Open

Sleven’s Media Team made our Open extra special. Muffin and James dedicated their evenings to taking pictures and videos of all our members taking on the biggest CrossFit event of the year. That doesn’t include the hours spent editing and producing content, which arguably, is harder! Our newsletters and social media have been rich with content and that is all due to them. We’re so grateful for the incredible work done by the media team and there was no one else we could have given this award to.

We’re pleased to announce that Media Team t-shirts are being organised.

Top Newcomer

Newcomer Tom had a fantastic Open. Tom did all five WODs and took on each of them in his stride, taking our advice and planning out his strategies meticulously. Tom’s best WODs were 20.1 and 20.5 and impressively, in 20.5, performed his first muscle-up a few minutes prior! Tom then went on to do 19 muscle-ups.

Tom arrived at our doors stronger than the average human. However, his attitude is second to none and we love his eagerness to learn. Tom has a bright future ahead, especially in Gymnastics!

Well done, Tom!

Rainhill Trials

Well done to our 12 athletes who competed at Rainhill this weekend. In the end, it was the worm that won in the final, defeating all of our teams in their pursuit of a podium finish! We’re super proud of everyone and couldn’t be happier to have such a lovely bunch representing Sleven. 

Remembrance Sunday

On Sunday, our members commemorated Remembrance Day by taking on “Murph”, one of CrossFit’s toughest WODs. Despite its fearsome reputation, 25 Sleveners took on the challenge, including a number of first-timers!

It was a beautiful crisp autumnal morning to run two miles in a weighted vest! We saw some fantastic performances from first time “unpartitioners” Greg, Pete, Abdoul and Houli. After the pain had subsided from our arms and legs, ten Sleveners made our way to the Black Dog Pub for a much deserved Sunday roast and restorative pint(s)!

Are you tired of being weak? Embarassed by your olympic lifting technique? Fear no more, we have the antidote for that! Next week, we have invited some expert weightlifters to take over SLEVEN STRENGTH!

Sarah Hilton and Richard Munro, two of the most experienced weighlifting coaches in London, have been invited to come down for Strength on Tuesday 19 and Thursday 21 November to take you through your paces! Both have competed at Nationals Senior Level, hold their BWL 2 Coaching Certification and are National level Technical Officials…meaning they have you covered from every angle!

Read More

Last week, you got the chance to try out WHEYD during Friday Night Lights and if you liked it, don’t forget that as a valued Sleven member, you benefit from 20% off everything on the all WHEYD website! Just use the discount code SLEVEN at checkout. As an extra added bonus, you can use Sleven’s address to have your protein delivered straight to the gym! Score!


SLEVEN XMAS Extravaganza

Stop what you’re doing right now and block out 14th OF DECEMBER on your calendar! Sleven is hosting its first independent Xmas party and boy, is it going to be fantastic!

We have booked out the Old Queen’s Head in Islington and have prepared a day chock full of activities for you. The day will start at the gym for the Sleven 12 Days of Xmas WOD. If you participated in it last year, you’ll remember it was a doozy!

Once you have returned home, freshened up and donned your favourite festive frock, we have reserved the Clubroom at our venue for an exclusive private Christmas lunch. The Clubroom is cosy yet spacious with our own private bar and host. Upon arrival, you will make your way to the bar for a complimentary welcome drink to get the day started. Lunch will be served as a three course meal served family style with sharing platters for each table. This way of eating is perfect to enjoy with your SLEVEN family! Each table will also be waiting for you with both red and white wine.

Once we’re done with lunch, we have reserved the Play Room upstairs. If you’re bored of talking about CrossFit, there are a bunch of activities to get you back in the mood including karaoke, retro arcade games, foosball, and twister! The drinks will flow via our own private host and refrigerator.

After the success of last year’s Secret Santa, we’re going to carry on the tradition again this year. Our resident intern, Emma Wilcock, will be taking care of all the details closer to the time.

You can start reserving your place NOW either by emailing us or by chatting to us at the gym. If you have any special dietary requirments, please let us know in advance. The cost per person is £37.50 and we will take payment through Shopify at the gym or if you prefer, invoice you via Wodify. The deadline to sign up is 30th November. Remember, this will include a welcome drink, a three course meal including wine for the table and all the activities in the evening!

Don’t miss out on the event of the year!

SLEVEN Calendar

9 – 13 December: Testing Week
14 December: SLEVEN XMAS Extravaganza





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