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Sleven X is our premier class for those really looking to take their fitness to the X-level! These classes are programmed with more advanced movements performed at high intensity, delivering an unbeatable workout. In each session, you’ll test your skill, strength and spirit, and when you walk out, you’ll be ready to take on whatever life throws at you.


In each class, you have an opportunity to learn a cool skill or build your strength, and then have a hard, yet fun, workout. All of this takes place in a class, with a supportive and friendly atmosphere. The work that we do in our classes is infinitely scalable and is suitable for almost anyone, regardless of age or fitness background. The only prerequisite for athletes wishing to make a start with Sleven X is a month’s 24Sleven membership and a desire to learn! Athletes with previous experience of this type of training are welcome to jump right into our Sleven X classes.


Many of our Sleven X members compete regularly at functional fitness competitions and these classes are an ideal way to hone your gymnastic and Olympic lifting technique in conjunction with our specialist classes.


Example week/couple days of programming:


Our Sleven X memberships include access to our core programme, 24Sleven and a range of our specialty classes: Strength, Gymnastics, MetCon and FNL. These classes provide an opportunity to focus on one or more of these areas, based on interest, training needs or sport specific training, and give you the freedom to tailor your training.