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Sleven is elevating the fitness experience and we believe that good fitness is a lifestyle, available to all. It’s hard to juggle work with friends, training and a social life. We take away these tough choices by combining them into one package. Whatever your level – whether you want to be more active, make friends as you workout, tune up your nutrition or take part in fitness competitions – we have a programme that will suit you.

We are Sleven and we make fitness social.
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Through a compact offering of classes and a huge schedule, we have created a complete fitness package that serves in progressing and improving every aspect of your fitness.

Our two core classes, 24Sleven and Sleven X form the heart of your training and our schedule. The specialist classes supplement our core offering to help build strength, skill, cardio and more!

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A gym membership that changes as your goals do
Introducing Sleven Flex — a brand new way of tailoring your fitness at Sleven with a membership that can adapt and change as your goals do.
6 core services to make your flex membership truly yours
Never compromise on your fitness goals again – Flex between our services as and when you like, giving you unmatched flexibility.


The Flex Space is a premium peak time self-training experience designed to complement Sleven's group classes or work as a stand-alone for members to train on their own terms while maintaining the community vibes


Personalised programme to help you achieve your goal and train on your terms
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flex recipes
Pre-made programmes to help you get that first pull-up, work on Successories, improve your lifting and much more!
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We have a range of personalised options whether you’re new to fitness looking to get stronger, lose weight or feel better, an advanced athlete looking to take your training to the next level or you’re looking to level up a skill.
24 pt
24Personal training is our complete package to transform your health and fitness.
Bespoke training programme
1-12 pts per month
includes sleven membership
stay in contact with your coach online
monthly consultation
includes open gym access
includes access to ph nutrition hub
Hybrid Coaching is a fast track to success combining in-person and remote coaching
Individualised programming
1-4 PTs per month
Weekly catch-up with coach
Monthly consultation
Includes Open Gym access
Includes access to pH Nutrition Hub
One off or a limited pack to help level up your skills
learn gymnastics
Handstands, handstand push-ups or handstand walking
Kipping pull-ups and toes-to-bar
Learn to butterfly pull-up
Ring muscle-ups and bar muscle-ups
Rope climbs
Improve your weightlifting with an expert coach
Find out where you’re going wrong in the snatch
Get the advice to stand up your clean & nail that jerk
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We have a range of personalised options whether you’re new to fitness looking to get stronger, lose weight or feel better, an advanced athlete looking to take your training to the next level or you’re looking to level up a skill.
Skyrocket your strength and performance by properly fuelling your training and improving your recovery.
fat loss
Trim fat,
increase energy,
feel and look better!
Nutrition is the foundation of your health & fitness and Sleven is partnered with pHNutrition to help you to get the maximum benefit from your training. All members have access to the pH Hub, a fantastic resource designed for people who want a straightforward and simple to follow nutrition programme.


Our partnership with R&D phsyio mean that we can get you fighting fit after injury or help you with any mobility needs. R&D uses an innovative approach with the world’s best technologies to accurately assess your mechanics to get to the source of your injury or barriers to increased performance.
Services coming in 2023 will include:
CrossFit Movement Assessments including force plates, running assessment and more
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Our core offering is classes and with the advice and support of one of our expert coaches, you can get the most out of the classes we offer, tailored to your specific goals. Our Flex ecosystem makes it easy for you to flex up or down your services whenever you want. If you’re wondering how it works or would like some one-on-one advice, book a consultation below and let’s see what we can achieve together!
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Don't just join a gym, become part of a community where Fitness is
Made Social™. Follow us @slevenfitness.
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Sleven obsessed? Our premier membership gives you access to one coached class and open gym per day.
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Do you like flexibility? Use your 13 sessions throughout the month however you like.
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Are you a busy bee? Use your 9 sessions throughout the month however you like.
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The Flex Bolt-On works as an add-on to any of our memberships, giving you the ability to self-train at peak times.

Full Flex gives you access to the Flex Space from 06:00-21:00 on weekdays and 09:00-13:00 on weekends, bookable in one hour slots. Full Flex does not include classes.
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The week trial is unlimited (one coached class per day) and gives you access to all of our classes, excluding Sleven X and open gym. If you are an experienced athlete, please contact us and we will gladly add these for you after sign-up free of charge.

All memberships run on a monthly rolling auto-payment with a 30 day notice of termination. Experienced athletes who wish to drop-in are welcome to join any of our classes, including Sleven X or open gym. All classes are booked on a first-come-first-served basis and places must be reserved and confirmed on WODBoard ahead of your visit. The pH Hub is not included in the 7-day trial.